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Even the most successful people feel the need for improvement in their lives. They do well, but don’t feel good enough. If you ever feel this way, and you can’t identify the problem, chances are something in your subconscious holds you back.
Everyone has abilities that lead them through life.

You have a model in your mind that leads your actions as a manger, as a parent, and as a person. The problems are symptoms of these gray areas. This means that the problems you have in your personal life and your professional life are connected. They are all symptoms from the same gray areas in your mindset.

Throughout my life I had the privilege to mentor many great people, and help them design better positions in life.
And I mean not only business like ‘positions’, but also personal like. The main goal of the method I’ve developed is to recognize the thinking patterns that affect all areas in ones’ life. My work emphasizes on the gray areas, in order to improve these aspects by identifying the critical points and the soft spots in the pattern.

Going through this process helps identify the persons’ hidden assets, which is the most important part in the process. Hidden Assets relates to the know phenomena “I know that I have so much more potential, but I don’t know how to materialize it”.

In the next post I’ll write more about the Hidden Assets. Also you can read more about Grey Areas & Hidden Assets in the book- “The World’s Greatest Business Mentors”.


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