The 10 Commandments of Networking

How did I get started on my Networking skills? The best way for me was to learn, by watching, what lies behind the charisma of great networkers. I knew that I was searching, not for how they do it, but for why do they do it this way.


Over time I built a small network. I did not have hundreds or thousands of connections, but rather a very small group, built up of great networkers. I was trying to provide them with as much value as possible, just in order to be able to ask them to share their mental models with me (i.e. there are sub-conscience thinking patterns that led great networkers, so fluently, to create high quality connections with the right people).

These wonderful people spent hundreds of hours with me and shared their experience and secrets, in order to teach and turn me into an expert. This is where my story with business networking has begun. I call it The Business Networking Game that expert networkers play.

Some people have the TALENT of networking, and I wanted to have that TALENT.

Along the way , I’ve compiled a list of “10 Commandments” which are the essence of being a good Networker, that I want to share with you:

  • Remember that the reason you know the other person is in order to share what you have, and not in order to check “what’s in it for me”.
  • Create a rapport (give feedback).
  • Study proactively the others’ persons’ real needs.
  • Create a warm atmosphere.
  • Give advice, share knowledge, and most of all, connect people smartly.
  • Learn how to recognize a giver, as opposed to a taker.
  • Continuity is the name of the game.
  • Care about the person, and let him, care about you.
  • Be comfortable to accept value naturally.
  • Know your value and think Systemically.

What do you think of that? What are your “10 Commandments” of Networking?



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