Lately, the Term “Networking” has Become Very Fashionable…

Friendship 7

Friendship 7 (Photo credit: NASA on The Commons)

Lately, the term “networking” has become very fashionable, but do we really understand the deep meaning of the cool word?

When I wanted to develop my business, I understood that the real power is in relationships and not in media. So I made contacts with top guns in the industry, I gave them the valuable things I had to offer and which could benefit them and they agree to teach me for hours on and how to build relationships. In addition, they actually connected me to their contacts, not only teaching me theory, but also giving me practical value.

So what is networking?

Networking is a friendship which is based on support, mainly relating to business and career. It is based on the benefits of both sides. These contacts become your personal marketers and salespeople.

Why is it important to build relationships?

Networking offers you shortcuts in personal, business and organizational development.

How do relationships help build a successful career?

A person who has career plans can find the right contacts, who will shorten processes and open the right doors for him.

What is the most effective way of building relationships?

Giving – to give value (Emotional, intellectual or physical), exactly according to the needs of the person with whom you wish to build a relationship, and create anticipation for more in him.

So what, should I only give all the time? Doesn’t it make me a loser instead of a networker?

You need to choose people who are like you and who will give back without being asked.

Are relationships built at conventions or is there a better way?

Very few relationships are created at conventions. In order to build good relationships, you need to meet people through other contacts, initiate a personal conversation and make sure the setting is not too noisy or crowded?

How are contacts and personal branding related?

Very simple: If you are not branded, you will waste your time looking for contacts. If you are branded, the contacts will look for you.

What will make people want to contact you?

The value you have to offer.

Are relationships also friendships in general?

Yes, it is the highest level of friendship. If you reach the highest level of friendship, these people will be there for you when you are in trouble and not only when you succeed. This is the meaning of a true friendship.

Are there things that, in your experience, you don’t recommend doing if someone wants to be a networker?

Yes, in networking you must protect your reputation. Here are some “don’ts”:

A. Don’t lie.

B. Don’t gossip.

C. Don’t assume.

D. Don’t be rude.

E. Don’t promise anything you won’t be able to keep.

F. Don’t be a hypocrite.

G. Don’t think short-term.

H. Don’t hurt others in order to advance yourself.

I. Don’t change your personal values.

J. Don’t use the “you owe me” attitude.

Is networking a natural skill or can it be acquired?

A person is born as a sociable and social creature. It is possible to learn all the necessary tools and systems.

How are technology and contacts related?

Today’s technology allows you to find more easily the people, with whom you may want to build relationships, learn about them and understand their needs.



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