Talented leaders have five strengths that are required to provide their followers with a trusted environment and passion to follow the path of a possible future.

Without these strengths, the leader will have to lead without a clear vision of the end results they wish to have.

Managing from clarity can enable us to lead and move fast.

  • Macro Outlook

The Macro Outlook is the strategic Overview that a leader has. It’s his/her ability to see systemically the relationship between systems that have commonalities for joint ventures or conflict of interests of the competition.

  • Micro Sight

The Micro sight ability of a leader is necessary for clearly spotting important micro element dynamic information, like the Hawk sight, which can spot and focus on the move of the prey.

  • The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling is not about reading Winnie the Pooh, but rather the ability of the leader to paraphrase the Systemic Micro-Macro information and translate it into a story about The History of The Future. When we look at the history, we usually describe it as a chronological series of events. The leader who can describe the chronology of the future and prove it will gain the trust of his followers and partners.

  • The Art of Dialog

Imagine a leader who has an excellent Systemic view. He can see the macro as well as the micro and tell the history of the future, but has no ability to engage through making a charismatic presentation. He has poor dialog capabilities. This leader will not be able to convince, although he is very knowledgeable. The Art of Dialog is about the Charisma of the leader.

  • Fast, Accurate and Smart Execution

Here comes the Hawk. He can see a large area mapped. He can focus on every move on the ground and in the sky. He can focus and make an accurate and smart move to catch the opportunity, and if, by any chance, he is not successful, he will move quickly to a new standpoint or viewpoint to make his next move.

Leadership Training Methodologies

  • Career Management

Career Management is based on the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs; this is where we analyze personal needs and plan recourse allocation for the buildup generation of strong and powerful management teams.

  • Change Acceleration Management

We need to accelerate change in order to lead a market. Here we will study techniques and concepts to manage daily actions, using Work and Life Optimization systems.

  • Smart Planning

Smart planning is not about how to optimize the next calendar week or month. Smart Planning is about planning the next week to optimize mid-term and long-term goals, objectives, targets and destinations.

  • The 888 Model For Living A Balanced Life

The best way to plan your day is by understanding how to keep the same level of energy and passion throughout the day.

We must sleep well 8 hours a day in order to concentrate and make smart and focused decisions. We need to work for 8 hours while optimizing every moment of the day. We want to have 8 hours of quality time after work. We need a precise system to achieve that. Therefore, learning to manage our life using the 888 model can transform our lives and support a high level development and use of our talents, self-esteem and our relationships.

  • 22/8 Rule of Time and Personal Energy Management

Some of our thoughts, feelings and actions have a tendency to exhaust us within a couple of hours. We need energy boosters to help us keep positive energy up during the day. We do not want to work on a half empty battery in the afternoon, we do not want to get home late feeling exhausted. We want to sleep well at night to recharge. Practicing the 22/8 rule daily will reserve your energy and will let you maximize your high potential.

  • Daily Leadership Training

In order to lead yourself, a team, a company and the market, you must train your leadership skills daily. It’s like car race drivers, who practice, repeat practicing, rehearse and race.

We are living in a business race world, and in order to keep in the lead, you need to practice leadership techniques daily with the 52 week program we have created for you. It includes the 4 basic elements of the leadership Model, as well as relationship buildup, and also includes training the integrity, honesty, humility, courage, commitment, sincerity, passion, confidence, positivity, wisdom, determination, compassion and sensitivity of every leader.

  • Management Plasticity

This is the compound of all models that allows every employee to be a part of the Swing Management flow, where everyone is able to shift from a well-organized, operational management to an improvise, innovative mode.

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