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The “swing management model” that was designed in the past 20 years by Opher Brayer teaches how to become a person who will be able to lead, manage a company, a department or a team and all its processes, while, at the same time, be flexible and highly creative in order to dominate the competitive markets in the tough economy.

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There are 2 things that make up the swing mindset:

The first is a symphonic orchestra that plays the best performance, achieving quality and accuracy with strong synchronization between units of different groups of professionals, like a well synchronized organization that executes on time delivery to its clients.

The second is a jazz band that brings together a small group of professionals to create in real time new innovative ideas, like a small startup that brings together very talented people who are professional in different fields and can improvise and orchestrate in real time. They have the necessary plasticity to create ideas that reshape the world we live in.

People are talking about having a talent. So what is the talent that we need to acquire in the current competitive market?

What we need to survive is the ability to swing. It means only one thing – when you build a company, you should aspire to conduct it like a beautiful orchestra, whose members know their individual part precisely; knowing what to do and when to do it in order to bring the product to the market. But at the same time, there are small startups that can create beautiful new ideas, products and services. Suddenly, they become the future big corporates, while some of the old corporates disappear.

If they want to survive the change, they must maintain the ability to swing their mind from a corporate way of thinking to the startup way and vice versa.

The ability to swing from organization mentality to startup mode is essential in order to design new products and services endlessly and effortlessly.

At the same time, they must have the ability to run a structured company that will deliver the product in real time to millions of customers.

Swing management methodologies are here to enable you to implement concepts, tools and techniques in your company.

The swinging mind is capable of working within precise systems and structures with a high level of independence from the system.

Let us help you swing!

Why Swing Management?

Until recently, there were two kinds of minds and human mentalities that were needed in two different business environments: the startup environment, and the corporate environment. Now that the business world is changing its path, we need to merge the two different mentalities with the two different environments.

In the new Swing era, we need to change how we think, manage and lead. We must be able to swing our thinking from entrepreneurial leadership to corporate management thinking and grow our enterprises.

Swing Management – The Model

In order to build a new management system and structure, there are three core concepts we need to implement:

Management strategies that will support our business and marketing strategies. These will serve as platforms for the real time composition of managing and leading approaches to manage the fast change of the markets.

Relationship and business networking enhances the level of emotional/professional dialog and leads ultimately to the optimization of the overall efforts and the company investments, assets and talents.

When these platforms are in place, they support the development of multi talent managers and buildup of talent tribe, which is essential for fast, creative and productive movement in fast moving, competitive markets.

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Management Strategies

The Systems Dynamics Model
The Leadership and the Hawk Model

Talent Development

The Talent Model
The NB Model

Relationship & Business Networking

The Branding Model
The World Class Networking Model

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