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The Model and The Opportunity

We learned about marketing. We learned about sales. We even understood a little about personal branding.

We post on Facebook, advertise events, tell the world about our virtues and yet, big opportunities do not seem to present themselves.

We go to a job interview, where there is an opportunity… And nothing happens.

We meet someone “important” and another big opportunity seems to be in front of us… And still, nothing happens.

So what is the skill we need for developing our business and career?

The answer is the skill of managing opportunities; a skill which demands clever training and cannot be acquired during a four-hour workshop.

This skill can only be acquired through learning from a master in this field.

Here is the story of a person who is well skilled at managing opportunities and contacts. This person is me, but it can definitely be your story.

A good friend of mine met a guest from abroad and told him: “I’d like to introduce you to Opher, he is an expert in this.”

We met at a local restaurant, developed a warm personal connection and understood each other’s needs.

This guy contacted his partner and next thing I knew, I received an invitation to Los Angeles for coffee… So I travelled to LA.

I met the guy, who is one of the marketing geniuses of our time.

We developed a warm personal connection and understood each other’s needs.

In the following six years, I helped him manage his professional and personal opportunities… I was his mentor.

He introduced me to some of his friends. One particular friend became a close friend of mine and we understood each other’s needs.

Three years later, this guy asked me to meet two of his friends at the Hilton hotel in Tel Aviv for coffee, so I went. We developed a warm personal connection and understood each other’s needs.

Hold on, don’t quit on me now. You must read this story through to get to the surprise and the insight.

Three months ago, these two friends introduced me to a business man who needs advice on Skype. We developed a warm personal connection and understood each other’s needs. I said to him: “Let’s meet”. He replied: “I live on the island near Spain.” I said: “Are you free this weekend? I’ll come by and we can grab something to eat.” “This Saturday is not really convenient…”, he said, “How about meeting in London next week?” And since I love spontaneity, I said: “See you there.”

So there I was, in London, with my girlfriend, Maya. We went to a party, where many important people mingled. Maya said to me: “Opher, you are the king of networking. Why aren’t you making rounds and handing out your business cards?”

My reply was simple: “Maya dear, I told you this is not my method. When I know who the right person is in this room,  you will see me managing the opportunity.”

And so it was.

I heard a person behind me say something which made it clear to me beyond any doubt: this was the right person!

I came up to him and within 30 seconds, we made arrangements to meet for breakfast the next morning. We met… We developed a warm personal connection and understood each other’s needs.

A week later, I returned to London to advise his company. I met ten crucial business people in the London business scene, developed warm personal connections with each one and understood their needs, just as they understood mine.

Two weeks before my London visits, a friend in Germany introduced me to another friend of his. We met in Israel, developed a warm personal connection and understood each other’s needs.

A week ago, after meeting in London as well, I visited this friend of a friend in Germany. He organized for me the opportunity to give two lectures to the right people: 200 business people and 70 musicians. I met more people, we developed warm personal connections and understood each other’s needs.

Many opportunities opened before me: 26 new potential projects in five different European countries, as well as in Canada.

Now the most crucial thing is to manage these opportunities correctly… And that’s exactly what I have been doing during the last three days.

By the way, because of the large number of new projects abroad, I will not be teaching any courses in our CareerSchool during the coming year. A final and wonderful class will graduate next week.

Those who wish to learn how to manage opportunities will have to do it through personal work with me. But I can only work with a limited number of new clients, so please write to me only if you are very serious about it and I will explain to you how the process works. My address is:

[email protected]

I also invite you to check my new website. Take a look and share your comments, ideas and insights with me.

Thank you.


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How to Achieve Good Relationship Marketing


After reading an in-depth and fascinating research by Professor Patricia Sorce about Relationship Marketing, I realized that there is a higher level approach to the subject then what we already know. It has to do with the Hidden Assets of personal relationships, networking and The Value System. I decided to take some time and think about how to help companies implement all the different integrals together, in order to succeed in achieving a good relationship marketing service.

After looking back at some of the companies I worked with, I noticed a pattern. At the beginning they all had good personal relationships, both internally between the employees, and externally with the costumers and suppliers, but once they grew and expanded they no longer managed to keep such personal relationships.

I was wondering what happened along the way that caused this, and I reached the conclusion that once a company expands it has more difficulties, basically due to time consumption and complacency, in keeping up close and friendly relationships.I read in the book

I read in the book “Blink” that most doctors being sued for malpractice are the less kind and empathic ones to patients, rather then the ones that are empathic but actually make mistakes. The reason for this is that patients do not want to sue people they like. A research presented in the book showed that empathic doctors spend, in an average, three more minutes with a patient then the ones that are less empathic. Also, the empathic doctors listened more to what patients ask, and answer with respect to that. This emphasized how more empathy and three additional minutes make so such difference.

I think that the same goes for Relationship Marketing. By paying more attention to your colleagues, asking questions and really caring for your customers needs and wished, you could maintain a good and close relationship, one that will promise loyalty and some times even new friendships. The worst that could happen is that you will miss a few more minutes in life, though I actually think that you will gain time. After all, maintaining a working relationship with an existing client will cost only 10% (time and money) from trying to recruit a new one.

What is your approach to Relationship Marketing? How does your company maintains Relationship Marketing between employees and clients?



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The Talent of Business Networking


Business Networking (BNW) is all about the process of building relationships that are based on giving mutual value, especially business (whether direct or indirect), that connects people who have shared business agendas.

Please note that I am not talking about “meeting people” per-se, because the “connecting” domain has gotten a, wrongfully, bad name, due to small talk and “Chachke” networking context.

The key to making a good connection in the business world is placed in understanding our mutual giving and receiving needs. Such a relationship course is hard to achieve, especially when it comes to meeting at the “usual” events, we are all too familiar with (conferences, get-togethers, lectures etc.). At these events most of us just shake hands, exchange business cards and go “on to the next”, without really getting anything substantial from these people. And anyway, these gatherings only help you meet with, either, people you already know, or new people, which most of them are on the same dialog level, but add nothing to your quality level.

The main goal in BNW is making a better profit. The best index, of course, is the bottom line, that is, did we make more money or not (remember, it is BUSINESS NETWORKING – that is why money is an issue). A better profit could be achieved by getting a new client, doing more business with an existing client, or locating TALENTed people that lead the firm to growth and prosperity.

The China Business Network Silicon Dragon Dinn...

The China Business Network Silicon Dragon Dinner SF (Photo credit: Elliottng)

The best business relationships are based on data sharing by closed circle cooperation, which share information that is not public domain. Such a system shares high value information that leads to high value ideas and a high value support system.

Such effective business relationships demand high listening skills, which lead each person to focus on his or her personal abilities that will enable to locate any way or approach, which will help the other person. This kind of relationship is the exact opposite of listening to a person in order to find out how he or she can help you.

If networking is mainly about the VALUE of knowledge sharing of a small quality group of individuals, then it is a commodity. Therefore, the key to succeeding in BNW is building a long-term mutual value relationship. Just imagine how easy your life would be if you had a good, strong and friendly relationship with the top six people from the Fortune 500 Hundred or the list of the richest five people in your country?!

If you feel that you need my help or you have any suggestion feel free to contact me at:
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