Inborn Talent? I Don’t Think So?!

My modest research started with a question that I asked my self: what do all these people who are designated by the system as being “talented” have in common? I noticed that in many cases a brilliant student, who impressed us teachers and drew our admiration with his “talent”, was in fact also “gifted” in more than one discipline.
Such a student seemed to posses the rare ability to switch or “convert” areas that supposedly had nothing in common. What impressed me most, was this rare ability which I decided to call “conversion”. Again, as before, I asked friends and colleagues around me what they thought these “gifted” students had in common ? In most cases, I got a similar if not identical answer : “They will succeed with or without the teachers’ help… it’s like magic”. (think how difficult this is for a teacher to admit?)

So what, in spite of all, do these gifted people have in common ?

I will not burden you any longer with my personal struggles to find the answer. After considering and analyzing all the events I had met , I understood that there are at least three traits that characterize the brilliant or “talented” student:

  1. They have a giant inner motivation – up to the level of “passion” to study and develop.
  2. They have the ability to use their senses at a much higher than average level.
  3. They have the ability to recognize repeating patterns in different areas. Consequently they are able to form new patterns in ares un-known to them .(this means they have the ability of “conversion” in thinking).

I was cheered-up by this realization, since I am , in my soul a teacher . I believe that what can be analyzed systematically can also be taught!

The first step in my search to develop my revolutionary system thus came to an end.
Although most of my work was still ahead of me, I nevertheless, had gained enlightenment.
No more would I be asking myself whether “talent” could be developed in all of us, now I would be asking myself how to develop this “talent” in all of us.


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