How to Accomplish New Year Resolutions

The New Year is on the verge, and I was wondering, have you ever noticed how many “New Year Resolutions” we make throughout the year? You will say “of course, this is the best time to make them”, after all, New Year, a birthday, or a special event has some kind of significance in our lives. We truly believe and tell ourselves “that’s it! I really will make all the changes I’ve been blabbering about in the past year or more!”. But the morning after, and for the lucky ones amongst us, a week and sometimes even a month after, we find ourselves forgetting all about those resolutions and instead going back to our everyday life.

But why is it that we do not manage to keep them? I mean, we really want to! And we know that it will be good for us, it will create good changes in our lives, will help us grow and develop. So why can’t we stick to what we promised our selves? I believe that I have the answer.

I think that the main reason is that habits are hard to break. Another reason is that we all have ego issues. Napoleon Hill once said that “in order to change a habit one must own the habit to change”, and I will add to that by saying that one should eliminate his ego in order to grow bigger then his ego.

We all have a defense system that sometimes is referred to as “ego”. This defense system drives us either to be passive about such things as New Year resolutions, or be proactive about them, that is moving forward and making the changes. Sometimes it will create a reaction beyond our control, and in some cases, if people are really smart, it will lead them to be interactive, i.e. by using friends and advisers in order to be emotionally aligned with their needs (more info here), wishes and dreams.

In a nut shell, my suggestion to you is that in order to get to the point where you manage to keep your New Year resolutions, first learn how to put your ego aside and work on changing your habits. The easiest way, if you can afford it, is to hire a mentor that will help you lead yourself into the future. On my next post on the subject, I will write on how to continue from here, with the help of A letter from the future.

May we all have a happy New Year, one with many accomplished “New Year Resolutions”.

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